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A series of 8 Fact Sheets on Major Objectionable Organisms

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Product Description

One of the expectations of GMP regulators is that microbiology laboratories are knowledgeable about the main objectionable microorganisms that could be found in pharmaceutical products or in the manufacturing environment.

The identification, characterisation and interpretation of these microorganisms can be challenging. To act as a training aid and information resource, Pharmig have produced eight new fact sheets (Fact Sheet Pack 2). Seven of the fact sheets profile some of the most important objectionable microorganisms (together with Geobacillus stearothermophilus, used for biological indicators). An eighth fact sheet provides useful information about risk assessing objectionable microbes.

The fact sheets use colour photographs illustrating growth on agar and by Gram-stain. These are supported by facts relating to the organism’s profile and methods for identification.

The sheets are presented in a pack and together provide a unique, informative and colourful guide to an important area of quality control microbiology.