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  1. To communicate and advance microbiological best practice (including technical, scientific and regulatory aspects) covering Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics, NHS and other related industries.

    Pharmig will promote an international profile, operating from the UK office (only) but encouraging international membership by benefits other than attending local training courses or conferences in the UK.

    Benefits will include an active Website providing microbiological related regulatory updates, provision of technical publications, opportunity to engage in specific Action Groups, provision of Pharmig Newsletters and network opportunities.

  2. To operate on the basis as a ‘Not for profit’ society in the process of providing training courses, seminars, conferences, publications, regulatory updates and newsletters. All elected management committee members will be unpaid volunteers.
  3. Operating funds for Pharmig and event management / administration will be generated by membership fees, technical meeting attendance fees or sale of technical publications, up to a defined limit to cover expenditure for a period of two Pharmig operating years where activity (and income) is reduced beyond the control of Pharmig. Any surplus funds, that would accumulate as ‘surplus’ made from income, would be re-invested in the interest of the membership and Pharmig to comply with the ‘Not for profit’ ethos of the Pharmig.
  4. To identify specific areas where there is a need for new information or the collecting together of existing information and to satisfy this need by organising meetings, webinars, producing publications or technical articles for the Pharmig newsletter.
  5. To foster and encourage a spirit of friendly co-operation among the members of Pharmig and to promote favourable relations between its members and all related industries.
  6. To foster and encourage friendly co-operation worldwide with other bodies with the same or similar interests to the society.  This may include collaboration agreements. Courses may be run with other like-minded societies or associations either in the UK or in the partner country. Such events will be subject to agreements on sharing risk, operating investments, fees and associated ‘surplus’.
  7. To cultivate and maintain co-operative relations with governmental departments and regulatory agencies and related health organisations and other pertinent industries; and to originate and participate in co-operative enterprises and undertakings with them.
  8. To encourage the education and training of personnel in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics, NHS and other related industries.
  9. To run and operate a UK based office for Pharmig administration, to the benefit of members, with appointed Pharmig office staff as seen fit.