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Membership Structure Pharmig is comprised of qualified microbiologists or other appropriate professionals working within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and allied industries.

There are several levels of Membership:

  • Corporate: All Pharmaceutical companies can apply for this level of Membership with nominated representatives per site (corporate membership does cover ALL personnel at that site). With larger Companies, each site would be considered as an individual Corporate Member as would separate research divisions.
  • Commercial Suppliers: Any company that supplies or supports the pharmaceutical industry that has a commercial basis.
  • NHS/Not for Profit Organisations
  • Independent Consultants
  • Academia/Students: This category would also include retired professionals.
  • Honorary: At the discretion and invitation of the Committee, this status may be offered to an individual. A Membership fee is not imposed and Pharmig will remunerate all reasonable expenses for any services rendered to the company.

Note: The membership fee for Corporate/Commercial and NHS/Not for Profit Organisations covers ALL relevant personnel at that site (excludes independent consultant and academia/students). The electronic membership form will allow 5 names to be inputted by Primary Contact (1st named person) in the first instance. If more names need to be added then refer to section C on the application form and click ‘add more names and details’. Additional names can be added at any point during that membership year.

Benefits of Joining

Member rates to:

  • Attend meetings, training courses and conferences
  • Purchase publications
  • Place recruitments adverts on website
  • Exhibit at Pharmig meetings (additional sponsorship packages available)


  • Receive a quarterly technical Newsletter (Primary Contact)
  • Access to members section on the Pharmig website that includes:
    • Secure forum for exchange of information
    • Current newsletters
    • Technical Articles
    • Presentations
    • Surveys Photos/images Archive
  • Commercial supplier members can submit one free technical article per year for either the website or newsletter Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that benefits both the individual and company.
  • Company and individual networking opportunities

Membership Fees

Pharmig membership runs from the 1st January of any given year through to the 31st December of that same year. Each company site will have to pay an annual subscription at the rate specified for that year. These figures will be published annually by the Pharmig office. Applications for new membership (as opposed to renewing current membership) shall be made to the Committee, via the Executive Director for review and where appropriate, approval. Final determination for eligibility for Membership shall, in all cases, rest with the Committee. The Committee also has the power to terminate the membership of any Member. Membership applications can be made via the website or by a paper membership application form.

Current Membership Fees:

  • Corporate: £495 – covers ALL personnel at any one site
  • Commercial Suppliers: £405 – covers ALL personnel at any one site
  • NHS/Not-for-Profit Organisations: £200
  • Independent Consultants: £200
  • Academia/Students: £60
Corporate/Industry (Turnover above £10 million)

£545.00 now.

Commercial Suppliers (Turnover above £10 million)

£545.00 now.

Corporate/Industry (Turnover below £10 million)

£345.00 now.

Commercial Suppliers (Turnover below £10 million)

£345.00 now.

NHS/Not-for-Profit Organisations

£250.00 now.

Independent Consultants

£80.00 now.


£60.00 now.