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Social Responsibility Statement – Pharmig

Pharmig is a hub for microbiologists working in life sciences, health care and personal care industries to connect, learn and share expertise. We believe that supporting microbiologists working in these areas drives better outcomes for patients and customers that we serve.

We promote diversity, respect and equal opportunity. We exist to serve our members and are passionate about giving microbiologists a voice so that they can learn, network, progress and share their knowledge.

We understand the importance of creating a space where members feel safe and welcomed. We are an inclusive community, open to anyone working in the field of microbiology within the relevant industries – from those taking their first steps in the field, to those with long and established careers. We are here for you at every level.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We recognise that we have a responsibility as global citizens to consider the environmental impact of Pharmig’s activities and strive to work with partners that share our values. We are diligent about the appropriate use of our resources.

We conduct our business with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We do not tolerate bribery, or any form of corruption. We respect privacy, and manage our members data appropriately.