Endotoxin masking in complex modalities (1 hours to include Q&A) Callum Dew – Astra Zeneca

Date is now 24th January 2024


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Fees: Member Fee £70 Join Now,  £100 (Non Member)Wednesday 24th January 2024 2pm – 3pm (BST) – Includes a 10min Q&A Session

This webinar is led by: Callum Dew – Scientist, Microbiology, AstraZeneca

The presentation will cover:
Endotoxin masking in complex modalities

  • Endotoxins, cell wall components of gram-negative bacteria, can represent a problematic contaminant in parenteral formulations
  • Certain modalities prove to be more problematic than others with regard to establishing a valid endotoxin test
  • Endotoxin testing must be performed as per pharmacopeia requirement
  • PDA Technical Report 82 outlines the phenomenon of LER – Low Endotoxin Recovery
  • LER studies are a requirement of BLA – Biological Licensing Applications
  • The story so far – troubleshooting endotoxin masking. Describe recent results and observations in complex modalities
  • Describe future troubleshooting plan

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