INDUSTRY ONLY – Latest updates on Sporicides as part of your transfer process


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Product Description

Wednesday 3rd March 2016 – The Oxfordshire Hotel, Oxford

This programme has been updated (from the previous July 2015 meeting) with the assistance of the NHS Pharmaceutical Microbiology Protocols Group

Aims of the Course

  • To provide an updated overview of the risks associated with bacterial spores within the aseptic preparation environment
  • To review recent incidents causing harm to patients
  • To highlight the requirements of the MHRA Guidance to Specials Manufacturers 2015 – where are we at now?
  • To consider the types of sproicidal agents available on the market and the limitations of their use
  • To enable the user to interpret the methods adopted to validate disinfection efficacy
  • To continue to develop best practice for the transfer disinfection process and potential alternatives

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