Introducing Pharmig’s Basic Microbiology Skills Practical Training Course – INDUSTRY – University of York

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Introducing Pharmig’s Basic Microbiology Skills Practical Training Course – INDUSTRY

25th & 26th February 2020 – National STEM Learning Centre – University of York

Designed so that you can attend either or both days (discounts apply)

What is it?

A 2-day course designed for those who are new to pharmaceutical microbiology. The course is laboratory-based and has a strong focus on practical techniques, as well as group exercises and lectures. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice fundamental techniques. Course contents include: culture maintenance, microbial identification, environmental monitoring, aseptic technique, and data integrity for the microbiology lab.

  • You will leave this course with a clear understanding of not only what happens in a microbiology lab, but why the tests are performed and how to document them correctly.
  • Training in the basics will help you to:
    • Understand contamination risks to the process
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of current control measures
    • Maintain compliance with cGMP and data integrity expectations for the laboratory

Who should attend?

Attendees should have a basic grasp of microbiology theory, but only limited or no practical experience. This course is ideal for new lab technicians, graduates, apprentices, and anyone new to the microbiology laboratory environment, as well as managers, production, engineering and QA staff wanting to understand the basics of microbiology laboratory practice.

  • Delegates may attend just one, or both of the training days.
  • Delegates are welcome to submit questions in advance and during the course.

Please click on this link for a full, detailed outline of the programme for both training days and related fees.

Attending 1 day
Fees: £595 (member) Join Now,  £795 (Non Member)

Attending BOTH days and receive a 20% discount (already applied in fees below)
Fees: £952 (member) Join Now,  £1,272 (Non Member)

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