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Introduction to QC Microbiology: a lab-based training course

2nd & 3rd Oct York

(formerly known as Basic Micro Skills – Practical Training Course)
Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd October 2024 – York

Which complements our “Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists” training course running on the 1st October

These events have been designed so that so that you can attend either or both courses (discounts apply if attending all 3 days)

National STEM Training Centre, York

What is covered in the ‘Introduction to QC Microbiology’ course
This 2-day course is designed for those who are new to pharmaceutical microbiology. The course is laboratory-based and has a strong focus on practical techniques, as well as group exercises and lectures. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice fundamental techniques. Course contents include: good laboratory practice, culture maintenance, microbial enumeration and identification, environmental monitoring, and aseptic technique.

  1. You will leave this course with a clear understanding of not only what happens in a microbiology lab, but why the tests are performed and how to interpret the results.
  2. Training in the basics will help you to:
    1. Implement best practices in the QC microbiology lab
    2. Evaluate the effectiveness of current control measures
    3. Maintain compliance with cGMP expectations for the laboratory

Who should attend?
Attendees should have a basic grasp of microbiology theory, but only limited or no practical experience. This course is ideal for new lab technicians, graduates, apprentices, and anyone new to the microbiology laboratory environment, as well as managers, production, engineering and QA staff wanting to understand the basics of microbiology laboratory practice.

Delegates who also need a basic understanding of microbiology theory can join our “Microbiology for Non-Microbiologists” which runs the day before this event. Discounts apply for joining both courses.

Delegates are welcome to submit questions in advance and during the course.

Feedback from attendees who attended the March 2024 course include
I would highly recommend for novice microbiologists or individuals seeking to refresh their knowledge. This two-day program offers comprehensive coverage of fundamental microbiological concepts, complemented by hands-on practical exercises. The sessions are meticulously organised and foster active participation, thereby catering effectively to the curiosity of attendees and facilitating the exploration of pertinent inquiriesbioMerieux

I had a great time and experience while attending this course. The lecturers were great, the presentations well organised, and I especially loved the fact that the tutors were patient and answered every question thrown at them!Croda

The Basic Micro Skills course was an invaluable experience. The training leaders presented their expertise in a very accessible and understandable way, and fostered an atmosphere of openness allowing discussion and questions throughout. It provided me with a greater understanding of the practicalities of many aspects of Micro, which will undoubtedly aid me in my day to day, performing investigations and root cause analysisEurofins

A summary of which event(s) to attend

  • Those who have no prior knowledge/experience of microbiology should attend the 1st October and may also want to follow on their learnings by attending the Introduction to QC Microbiology Course on the 2nd & 3rd.
  • Those who already know the basics of micro, but want hands-on experience of what goes on in a micro lab should attend the 2nd & 3rd October

You can attend both courses as one attendee OR send one attendee to the Micro for Non Micro Course and another attendee to the QC Micro Lab based training course.

A discount applies if you book all 3 days

Click here for the full agenda of Introduction to QC Microbiology: a lab-based training course and Fees

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