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    Pharmig’s 27th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference, Nottingham Belfry

    Pharmigs 27th Annual Conference – Latest hot topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology

    13th & 14th November 2019
    Nottingham Belfry Hotel

    Attend and here about

    • MHRA: Recent findings and expectations
    • Contamination control strategy
    • Wipe efficacy test methods and opportunities for development
    • API filling in isolators
    • Current activities of the USP Microbiology Expert Committee
    • Microbiological considerations for ATMPs
    • Microbial biomass production in a multitude of novel contexts
    • Challenges in viable colony counting by visual inspection of growth media as part of environmental monitoring programs
    • Round up of new standards and regulations during the past year
    • Control of raw materials, quality, specs, and suppliers
    • The new Annex 1 and its impact on environmental monitoring activities
    • Cleanroom cost, quality, and environmental sustainability – can you afford to compromise? A microbiological perspective
    • And more…

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