WEBINAR: Hygienic design of water systems

Webinar Monday 22nd July 2pm – 3pm (BST)


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Webinar Monday 22nd July 2pm – 3pm (BST)

Water is a critical consumable used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products. Water can be a major component of a formulation, it can be a process aid, it’s use may be restricted to cleaning and disinfection, including being the source of steam for sterilizers.

In a series of 4 webinars, we will explore the importance of controlling water systems, hygienic design considerations, qualification and validation of water systems and finally sampling, testing and trending of water generated by water systems.

All webinars will be led by: Andy Martin – Director, ABM Consulting Ltd & Pharmig Committee Member

This second of four webinars looks the significance of biofilm as well as the materials of construction for water systems and how good practices can reduce biofilm risk. Having previously described the main elements of a water system we look at how hygienic design considerations can help to reduce microbial proliferation. We look at routine maintenance can also help to control microorganisms within water systems.

The webinar covers:

  • What a biofilm is and implications for water systems
  • General design considerations
  • Steel vs plastic systems
  • Welding and sanitary fittings
  • Dead legs, pumps and valves
  • Storage tanks and spray balls
  • Distribution system temperatures and flow rates
  • Maintenance processes including backflushing and sanitisation
  • Walking the plant

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