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2022 membership for microbiologists and those working alongside them

It’s now time for Pharmig to look forward into 2022 and update our event portfolio; we plan on running a mixture of both virtual and face-to-face meetings across the year.

Pharmig’s virtual events, since March 2020, have been very successful in facilitating attendance from a new audience as both member and non-member sites have taken the opportunity to enable more employees to be trained online due to substantial cost reductions in terms of travel and accommodation.

It would therefore be prudent to renew your site membership for next year or, if you are considering taking out a new membership for the first time, you can explore the benefits of joining on this section of our website –


These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced company and individual networking and career opportunities
  • Attending meetings, training courses, webinars and conferences and speaking with leading industry experts and fellow delegates
  • Purchasing exclusive publications
  • Becoming involved in ‘live’ Action Groups (see Action Group section)
  • Receiving relevant news and updates via the Pharmig website
  • Enjoying and benefitting from links to a wide range of web resources
  • The ability to place recruitments adverts on our website
  • Exhibiting at Pharmig meetings (additional sponsorship packages also available)



Receiving a quarterly on-line technical newsletter

Access to the members section on the Pharmig website that includes:

  • A secure forum for exchange of information.
  • Current newsletters.
  • Technical articles.
  • Photos and images.
  • An extensive archive.
  • Commercial supplier members can also submit at least one free technical article per year for either the website or newsletter.


Pharmig is proud of the rich culture of interaction that has grown through its membership because this leads to the development of microbiology. We can only do this by building on that membership enabling us to produce publications and guides that enrich our knowledge and facilitate best practice. Our members have come together in the past to form action groups such as the disinfectant action group who put together a guide on disinfectant use in the pharmaceutical microbiology industry. As a member you can build relationships and form your own action group that could lead to a technical paper, presentation or publication for our membership. Membership is a chance to be part of a professional organisation that works to progress microbiology.


So, if you have a large number of relevant colleagues who would benefit from being a member of Pharmig, whether that be

  • attending meetings both physical and virtual,
  • purchasing the publications,
  • joining an action group
  • having a voice at the AGM
  • attending the 30th Annual Conference – which will be the biggest and best to date…

then don’t hesitate to get in touch today –


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