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Annual November Conference 2021

Annual November Conference 2021

As you know, we had high hopes we could meet face-to-face, but sadly it’s not meant to be. However, fear not, the conference is still going ahead and will be a virtual event. There’s still so much to look forward to and we can’t wait for the 29th annual November conference to start.


What will be included:

From hot topics in microbiology to transformative technologies via online meetings, presentations, and Q&A sessions, setting up a perfect itinerary tailored, through research with our members, to meet your needs. Pharmig always considers our members, so our conference has them at its heart. There are several options to delegates such as: attending the main Conference on the 17th and 18th plus free attendance to the sponsored technical meetings on the 16th and 19th (if you have booked onto the conference).

Highlights from the agenda include:

  • Annex 1 latest updates, GMP findings and regulatory expectations
  • Microbiological recalls – an overview
  • EN17141 – what to make of the new Biocontamination Control Standard?
  • Virucidal efficacy testing – “pushing the envelope”
  • Megalab experience – testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA: an update
  • What do I need to know to control Burkholderia cepacia?
  • Continuous microbial quality monitoring of pharmaceutical water systems
  • The use of enzymatic indicators in conjunction with biological indicators for validating a sterile fill isolator
  • Transformational technologies: artificial intelligence for quality control in practice


How the conference helps microbiology practices

This conference is a chance for individuals in the profession to interact in ways they perhaps wouldn’t usually. It’s about fostering relationships, building new partnerships, and evolving practice. Because the conference is interactive, there are plenty of opportunities in our Q&A sessions to expand on the topics under discussion. This allows our microbiologists to evolve and develop their working practices.


Further benefits

This interaction paves the way for ideas on additional training, publications, and action groups. The relationships that are formed and topics that are discussed form the building blocks of how we move both the membership and the industry forward. Pharmig’s focus is to facilitate co-operation and collaboration globally with other bodies that have similar interests. We strongly believe that this interaction with other like-minded societies fosters and encourages friendly interaction, not just between members but with other related industries. It’s this continuous desire to evolve that allows us to identify where our members need new information and ensures we continue to provide the greatest value for money.


Some of the testimonials from last year’s event

“Thank you for all the work in preparing the presentations and presenting over the last two days. It has been valuable learning and the feedback is very positive” – HPRA

“Keep up the good work” – Sartorius

“Excellent presentations and organisation – really enjoyed it” – MML

“Very clear, great to see the slides on the screen, it was enjoyable, informative and well planned” – NHS Trust

“This was one of the most engaging virtual events I have attended so far. Loved the variety of topics” – AstraZeneca

We continue to hope that all our members, colleagues, and family stay healthy and unaffected by the virus and recommend that everyone continues to remain familiar with the guidance issued by governments on preventing the spread of the infection.

We look forward to you joining us on 17th and 18th November 2021 for the two half-day meetings via Zoom.

Download the full conference agenda and booking form here.