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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Publications

Pharmig Microbiological Publications, Fact Sheets, and Interactive On-Line Training

As a part of our remit and service included in our membership across these sectors, we provide informative guides, publications, factsheets, and on-line training. Industry leaders have written and created Pharmig publications, fact sheets, and interactive online training courses, which cover and provide important data pertaining to GMP practices and regulator guidance.

Our publications and fact sheets cover a wide range of subjects, please see below for our full list:

  • A Guide to Cleaning and Disinfection of Pharmaceutical Facilities – A Road Map to Regulatory Compliance
  • A Guide to Microbiological Control for Non-Sterile Pharmaceuticals
  • Guide to Cleanroom Operation & Contamination Control
  • Guide to Bacterial Identification
  • Current Perspective on Environmental Monitoring
  • Guide to Microbiology Laboratories in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Guide to Isolator for Sterility Testing
  • Best Practices for the Bacterial Endotoxin Test: A Guide to the LAL Assay
  • Rapid & Alternative Microbiological Methods in conjunction with the CTPA
  • Cleanroom Environmental Isolates Fact Sheets
  • Microorganisms Fact Sheets
  • Major Objectionable Microorganisms Fact Sheets
  • Pharmaceutically Important Fungi Fact Sheets
  • Water Microorganisms Fact Sheets
  • Commonly Occurring Organisms Fact Sheets
  • LAL Fact Sheets

Additionally, Pharmig provides online interactive training courses. Your staff can get access to top-notch online training through the Pharmig Training Portal. Module 1: Cleaning & Disinfection of Cleanrooms covers contamination, preparation and storage of cleaning agents & disinfectants, and application techniques.  By watching a series of detailed videos, followed by a multiple-choice assessment, they will learn a variety of essential subjects relating to their role in the cleanroom environment.

On successful completion of all chapters within the module, participants will be issued with a certificate and will then be able to apply their learnings within the working environment.

The interactive online training module is aimed at those who are new to working in GMP cleanrooms as well as being ideal for Production Operators, Cleaners, QA, QC

In the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and NHS industries, Pharmig is a non-profit professional organisation that promotes the interests of people who work in, are in charge of, or collaborate with microbiology.

It acts as a network for the exchange of microbiological knowledge through training sessions, conferences, publications, and its website forum. It also offers a focus on ongoing professional development.

Since 1991, the Pharmig group has experienced substantial growth, enhancing the range of products it presently provides to the Membership while adhering to the original requirements of microbiologists which include:

  • Planning meetings, conferences, training sessions, and publications that offer current information and opinions on issues pertaining to microbiology
  • Improving the science of microbiology and its application in real-world situations
  • Having an impact on the formulation of rules and regulations pertaining to microbiology
  • Serving as a confidential platform for the exchange of knowledge on all facets of microbiology.

Pharmig publications, fact sheets and interactive online training modules can be ordered online, please see the following links for more information and to buy through the website.

Pharmig’s complete list of publications.

Fact Sheets.

Online Training.

Along with many other advantages, our members have access to a vast array of valuable information, articles, and fact sheets, see here for more information.