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Pharmig Membership in 2023

The Benefits of Pharmig Membership in 2023

In the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and NHS industries, Pharmig is a non-profit professional organisation that promotes the interests of people who work in, are in charge of, or collaborate with microbiology. It was founded in 1991.

It acts as a network for the exchange of microbiological knowledge through training sessions, conferences, publications, and its website forum. It also offers a focus on ongoing professional development.

Since 1991, the Group has experienced substantial growth, growing the range of products it now provides to the Membership while adhering to the original requirements of microbiologists.

There are a number of benefits, tools, information and resources that will benefit you within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and NHS industries.


Types of membership:


All Pharmaceutical companies can apply for this level of Membership with nominated representatives per site (corporate membership does cover ALL personnel at that site). With larger Companies, each site would be considered as an individual Corporate Member as would separate research divisions.

Commercial Suppliers:

Any company that supplies or supports the pharmaceutical industry that has a commercial basis.

NHS/Not for Profit Organisations

Independent Consultants


This category would also include retired professionals.


At the discretion and invitation of the Committee, this status may be offered to an individual. A Membership fee is not imposed and Pharmig will remunerate all reasonable expenses for any services rendered to the company.


These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in ‘live’ Action Groups
  • Attending meetings, training sessions, webinars, and conferences and communicating with top industry experts and other delegates
  • Purchasing unique publications
  • Improving company and individual networking and career prospects (see Action Group section)
  • Getting pertinent news and updates from the Pharmig website
  • Appreciating and using links to a variety of online resources
  • Being able to post job listings on our website
  • Exhibiting at Pharmig meetings (additional sponsorship packages also available)

Access to the member’s section on the Pharmig website that includes:

  • Exchange information securely
  • Up-to-date newsletters.
  • Access to technical articles.
  • Relevant photos and imagery.
  • An extensive information/article archive.
  • Commercial supplier members have access to one free technical article per year for either the website or newsletter.

Pharmig is proud of the vibrant social culture that has developed among its members because it promotes the advancement of microbiology.

We can only accomplish this by expanding our membership, which will allow us to provide books and how-to guides that advance our knowledge and promote best practices.

In the past, our members have banded together to form action groups, such as the disinfection action group, which produced a manual on disinfectant use in the pharmaceutical microbiology business.

You can create connections with other members and start your own action group as a member, which might result in a technical paper, presentation, or publishing for our membership.

The opportunity to join a professional organisation working to advance microbiology is provided through membership.

Pharmig is unique among microbiology-based societies: it is the only organisation for pharmaceutical microbiologists in the UK and Ireland. Moreover, it is one of the very few pharmaceutical microbiology bodies in the world.

For more information about our memberships, contact us today.