WEBINAR: Introduction and overview of water and water systems

Webinar Wednesday 19th June 2pm – 3pm (BST)


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Webinar Wednesday 19th June 2pm – 3pm (BST)

Water is a critical consumable used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products. Water can be a major component of a formulation, it can be a process aid, it’s use may be restricted to cleaning and disinfection, including being the source of steam for sterilizers.

In a series of 4 webinars, we will explore the importance of controlling water systems, hygienic design considerations, qualification and validation of water systems and finally sampling, testing and trending of water generated by water systems.

All webinars will be led by: Andy Martin – Director, ABM Consulting Ltd & Pharmig Committee Member

This first of four webinars looks at the importance of water to manufacturing operations, reasons why it needs to be treated and purified. It describes the grades of water and their specifications and GMP requirements. There is a brief overview of the main elements of water systems covering for example chlorination and softening, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and distillation. Consideration is also given the storage and distribution processes.

The webinar covers:

  • Types of water
  • Why water needs to be purified
  • Water microflora
  • Pharmacopoeial grades of water and limits
  • CPMP guideline on Water for Pharmaceutical use
  • GMP requirements including Annex 1 2022
  • Sand filters, Chlorination and carbon filters
  • Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, UV and Distillation
  • Storage and distribution, pumps valves, and heat exchangers

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