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Pharmigs 30th

Pharmig’s 30th anniversary

For all the true geeks out there, the 19th July is Pharmig’s 30th anniversary. It falls on a Monday so any celebrations may be more mocktail than a true Pharmig concoction but it really is worth acknowledging. When we reflect back on what we have accomplished over the last 3 decades, our 30th anniversary really is a landmark achievement. We are proud of our organisation and its capability to host large international conferences bringing in professional speakers from across the world as well as our commitment to be a centre of excellence and development for microbiologists.

Our journey

Pharmig was originally established by a microbiologist (Poly Hajipieris) who realised at the time there was no group that  specifically dealt with the interests and needs of pharmaceutical microbiologists. An inaugural meeting was held in July 1991 and in an open debate, the attendees unanimously agreed that the existence of an interest group in pharmaceutical microbiology would be very useful and so Pharmig was born.

We have come a long way since those humble beginnings and have kept the needs of microbiologists at our centre. Much like fungi in a petri dish, Pharmig has grown significantly since 1991. Our focus is on continual professional development and to act as a unique network for the exchange of microbiological information through training courses, conferences, publications and its website forum. Here are some of the other incredible opportunities we offer:

  • Organising meetings, training courses, conferences and producing publications that provide topical information and views on microbiologically related topics
  • Advancing the science of microbiology and its practical application
  • Influencing the development of regulations and guidelines surrounding microbiology
  • Acting as a confidential forum for the dissemination of information concerning all aspects of microbiology

Annual conference

We started running the now annual UK Conference a year after we were established in 1991 which means that the 2022 UK conference will be our 30th Annual Conference. This has always been an important event, a chance to come together as a community but given last year’s virtual event plus separation not just from family but we will certainly appreciate the chance to interact with each other. The good news is we don’t need to wait til next year as our 29th annual conference takes place on 17th and 18th November 2021. We are keeping everything crossed that this will go ahead and provide everyone with a space for exciting presentations and networking with our community of microbiologists. If we do not manage to get together face to face this year then we will be looking to celebrate that 30th annual conference in true glorious Pharmig style with a little extra sparkle!!

As humans we celebrate anniversaries because no matter which event is being acknowledged, it is always an opportunity to reflect and celebrate. It allows us to look back on our journey and understand how we arrived where we are now. We are proud of Pharmig’s progress and look forward to many more years to come.