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Pharmig’s interactive online training course: Cleaning & Disinfection of Cleanrooms

Making cleanroom personnel training easy, quantifiable & interactive.

Who we are

Pharmig have over 30 years of professional experience gleaned from individuals who work in, have responsibility for, or work alongside microbiologists within pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and NHS industries. This means we have a wealth of experience across multiple areas. We utilise our unique position and expertise to offer professional development and training courses that meet the needs of microbiologists, and those working alongside them whether that be in person, via live-stream, or online via our interactive training portal.

Who is this training for?

This interactive online training module is suitable for those that are working in GMP cleanrooms such as production operators, cleaners, QA, QC and engineers and can be used as part of hygiene training for anyone working in GMP environments and cleanrooms.

An effective cleaning programme is paramount to achieving the necessary hygiene standards for the manufacture of medicines and medical devices. These protocols are no longer confined to pharmaceutical microbiology and have permeated every sphere of life since the covid pandemic.

Do you have the need for training on cleaning and disinfection in pharmaceutical microbiology?

Online interactive training

Whilst we are slowly getting back to a loosening of restrictions, we still can’t meet in large groups to carry out face-to-face training. That’s where an online interactive training module comes into its own. In an increasingly digital world, this has been a lifeline during lockdown for  organisations that still need to develop and enhance their staff. What do you get if you train with Pharmig Microbiology?

What are the benefits of Pharmig’s interactive online training for your team?

The Pharmig Training Portal gives your team access to superior online training. By watching a series of detailed videos and animations, followed by a multiple-choice assessment, they will learn a variety of essential subjects relating to their role in prevention of contamination in the cleanroom environment. It also convenient. You can pause/start/stop after each chapter so that it can easily fit around an individual’s work schedule.

Plus, you will have  and the trainees which makes this course invaluable. On completion the trainees get a formal certificate. This is not just a nice piece of paper; it is clear evidence that they know how to go forward and carry out best practice in decontamination of cleanrooms. For the course content, see below or watch to see what you can expect:

Cleaning and Disinfection of Cleanrooms Training Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Contamination in Cleanrooms

  • Importance of controlling contamination in the cleanroom
  • Classification limits for microorganisms & particulates

Chapter 2: Disinfection Selection, Storage & Usage

  • Principles behind disinfection selection
  • Control and handling of cleaning agents & disinfectants
  • Preparation & storage of solutions

Chapter 3: Cleaning Techniques

  • Control of cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning prior to disinfection
  • Sequence of cleaning & disinfection tasks
  • Mopping techniques for large surfaces
  • Wiping techniques for small surfaces
  • Transfer disinfection
  • Disposal of waste solutions


Personally, I feel this method of training is a lot more effective than our current training procedures.

The step-by-step videos provide a more effective way of fully understanding the procedure compared to the written/PowerPoint method of just presenting information.

I felt more engaged and more likely to pick up the relevant information. In addition to that, the fact that the series of questions and the information itself are integrated, makes training a lot easier and accessible. I’ve had numerous occasions during my training experience, where I’ve been unable to easily locate/access the relevant module PowerPoints, resulting in me having to either do tests with incomplete knowledge, or just simply having to wait a few days for someone to locate the information required, this makes completing training tedious and time consuming.

Simply put, I feel this system would hugely benefit our training and make it a lot quicker and less cumbersome to get trained than the method currently implemented.