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The benefits of training in pharmaceutical microbiology

Our membership draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience and a commitment to share best practise with other members and the pharmaceutical microbiology community. How we impart this knowledge is at the core of why Pharmig was formed: 

To communicate and advance microbiological best practice (including technical, scientific and regulatory aspects) covering Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics, NHS and other related industries.

We see our training and development courses as one of the best ways to communicate and advance best practise to our membership and industry at large.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development better known as the CIPD is a UK based human resources association with a global reputation. In an article published July 2021, they discuss the responsibility an organisation has towards its people and increasing the skill levels of those working within it. The CIPD says that training is about continuity of effective people working within that organisation and that it must always be forward thinking in terms of needs that lie ahead whilst also remaining “aware of the wider skills context and policy environment in the countries in which they operate.” These values are also followed by Pharmig and that is why we have created 2 training opportunities for you:


Basic Microbiology Skills – Practical Training Course 21/22nd September 

What is it?

A 2-day course designed for those who are new to pharmaceutical microbiology. The course is laboratory-based and has a strong focus on practical techniques, as well as group exercises and lectures. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice fundamental techniques. Course contents include culture maintenance, microbial identification, environmental monitoring, aseptic technique, and data integrity for the microbiology lab.

  • You will leave this course with a clear understanding of not only what happens in a microbiology lab, but why the tests are performed and how to document them correctly.
  • Training in the basics will help you to:
    • Understand contamination risks to the process
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of current control measures
    • Maintain compliance with cGMP and data integrity expectations for the laboratory
Who should attend?

Attendees should have a basic grasp of microbiology theory, but only limited or no practical experience. This course is ideal for new lab technicians, graduates, apprentices, and anyone new to the microbiology laboratory environment, as well as managers, production, engineering, and QA staff wanting to understand the basics of microbiology laboratory practice.

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Introduction to Sterile Manufacturing – October (dates / VenueTBC)


Designed for those people who are new to industry this virtual training course will help you understand what sterile manufacturing is and will cover topics which include: microbiology, clean room design, sterilisation processes, sterility assurance, manufacturing methods and regulatory oversight.

Target audience (those new to industry): Microbiologists, cleanroom operators, production, quality, engineers, and sales & marketing 

It is designed to:
  • Get you to think about the risks associated with sterile manufacturing
  • Understand the basic elements of sterility assurance
The course will support:
  • Building greater people capability and consistency in your sterile operations
  • Reducing quality issues, waste, defects, and accidents
  • Being better able to meet your regulators expectations
  • Releasing batches more consistently v get products to the patient more reliably
  • Better management of individual performance
At the end of this virtual training programme you will:
  • Have an underpinning awareness of sterile manufacturing and associated risks.
  • Attain an introductory understanding and knowledge of key sterile processes and controls

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Additional Meetings/Webinars that you may also be interested in:


Ireland: Hot Topics in Microbiology Conference – Dublin (May) Cork (June)

Ireland: Cleaning & Disinfection – a roadmap to compliance – Dublin (May) Cork (June)

Virtual event: Designing an effective contamination control strategy – 29th June



Webinar: Getting it in safely: Cleanroom and aseptic transfer – 26th April @ 2pm (BST)

Webinar: The microbiological impacts of moving to a more sustainable cosmetics industry – 4th May @2pm (BST)

Webinar: Using genomics to understand identity and risk of PseudomonasBurkholderia & Enterobacteriaceae bacteria – 26th May@2pm (BST)

Webinar: Approaching error risk reduction: making your labs more compliant – 1st June @2pm (BST)