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What are the values of professional microbiologists - LBGWhat are the values of professional microbiologists - LBG

What are the values of professional microbiologists

It is essential that every organisation has a clear set of objectives, vision and mission that sit at the core of who they are. This isn’t simply the product or service that an organisation is offering, but the values at the heart of the organisation that explains their motivation. At Pharmig we have been asking ourselves: What motivates us? What gives us energy to keep progressing? What are the central values that we absolutely will not compromise on in our work? We have spent evaluating what we stand for and who we serve. Here are our core aims:

  • Disseminate topical information and views on microbiology related topics through events and publications
  • Advance the science of microbiology and its practical application
  • Influence the development of regulations and guidelines surrounding microbiology
  • Act as a confidential forum for the dissemination of information concerning all aspects of microbiology


To fulfil those objectives, we have to have a strong skill set within our organisation and our people to bring the very best for our members. We meet these objectives through the following activities:



Our website is a space that we use to communicate microbiological best practice in industries such pharmaceutical, healthcare and other related industries.It is a hub for technical publications, newsletters, regulatory updates and the online training module and virtual events. There are also  opportunities for our members to interact via our social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. By providing different resources and sources of information for our members, we ensure our communication is varied and meaningful.


Global connectivity

Though Pharmig is a UK based organisation, we strongly encourage international membership and interaction. We are proud of our global presence as well as our networking at events which foster strong relationships. These events are streamed virtually and enjoy international guests that enrich our global community.


Always evolving

Our focus is to facilitate cooperation and collaboration globally with other bodies that have similar interests. We strongly believe that this interaction with other like-minded societies fosters and encourages friendly cooperation not just between members but that extends to other related industries. It’s this continuous desire to evolve that allows us to identify where all members need new information and ensures we continue to provide value.


Not for profit

One of the central tenets of our values is our foundation as a society that operates on a not-for-profit basis. We are able to continue to provide valuable courses, webinars and training through funds raised from membership fees and the sale of technical publications as well as events. When there are surplus funds we make sure these are reinvested in the interest of our membership. Because we are a not for profit organisation, it means that our focus is on our members solely and the service we provide.


Influencing key stakeholders

We believe it’s important not just to foster relationships with like-minded bodies, but to ensure we reach out to other stakeholders. such as regulatory agencies, health organisations, and governmental departments. We take steps to cultivate and maintain relationships with these organisations, to be the “voice” of our members and ensure that our collaborative enterprise is fruitful and valuable.